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Website owners need to maintain their website regularly to ensure that their visitors get all the updated information. With web maintenance, you can look after your website and eliminate all issues. It is crucial if you want your website to be updated with the latest information without any hurdles on the way. However, the job of website maintenance is not a one-time task, and it is done consistently to keep your website working and healthy. For that, you need the help of one of the best web development companies in Ireland, like WebDesign Company .

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Why do you need Website Maintenance?

When your website is healthy and free from all issues, it has a high chance of ranking at the top of search engine result pages. Healthy websites encourage enhanced traffic, improve SEO, and search engine ranking. No matter big or small, every company should keep their website well maintained. Keeping a website well maintained is vital, as it is the virtual address of any organization. It helps them to retain and engage customers considerably.

Sometimes you may not know that your website is having issues since they don’t reflect immediately at times. And, by the time when you come to know about them, things may have already gone worse. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly look for issues that your website may have. Just like human health, your website's health may also deteriorate if you go too long without getting it checked.

You have so much to look after, and it may not be possible for you to find out the issues of your website. Instead of doing everything by yourself, opt for website maintenance services that WebDesign Company provides you with. To take care of your website and solve all those bugs that keep coming, website maintenance Ireland is all you need. We deliver cost-effective and secured services to take care of all your needs. Our experts will deal with your day to day changes related to different business aspects such as content management, Hosting & Email, Load time issues, SSL certificate, etc.

Our website maintenance services will make sure that one of your significant assets is up-to-date and secure. Varied kinds of support and maintenance services are provided so that you can have robust online marketing strategies.
Your website is 100% secured with us. You can easily rely on us as we ensure that your website performs best online.

Quick fixes and improvements -

It is significant that your website stays bug-free,​and to ensure this regular fixes and enhancements are done. We use several third-party plugins to help you get rid of all issues that may occur. We will take care of all your issues, and it is resolved at the earliest.

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Performance Check-up-

We have a checklist for intensive maintenance, and with the help of it, we ensure that the performance of your website is top-notch. Activities related to performance monitoring are all scheduled from the automated system of CRM. Our CRM system will provide you with a detailed report too.

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Functionality Check -

All forms on your website are checked whether they are​ functioning properly or not. Our website maintenance Ireland will make sure that all your inquiries are received properly on assigned emails. Broken links are checked to fix them. By checking for broken links and broken domains, SEO health of your website is ensured.

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Virus and Hack Proof –

Our website maintenance company in Ireland implements security measures to prevent and protect your website from malware and hacking attacks. If your website is hacked or has suffered a malware, then such issues are considered as a high priority, and we try to resolve it as soon as possible. We keep notifying our clients with regular updates unless their website is fit again.

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Tech Support -

We maintain an auto ticket management system with which our​ team of technical experts will keep you updated constantly. The support team connect with our clients through emails or calls as required. We try to resolve all our concern tickets within 24-48 hours from varied platforms.

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